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grilled serrano salmon
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Grilled salmon topped with Kogi garlic serrano sauce and served with a fiery Asian slaw and sautéed baby bok choy.

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1.  Grill mark salmon filet on both sides. Place on a pan and brush with Serrano Chili Sauce with Garlic & Toasted Sesame (KG3265HG).

2.  Place in 450°F oven and bake to desired temperature.

3.  Serve with baby bok choy sautéed with Sweet Garlic Teriyaki Marinade and Sauce (KG3262HG) and fiery asian slaw.

fiery asian slaw


4 oz Asian slaw

2 fl oz Cucumber Wasabi Dressing (KE2204-2)


1.  Make fiery Asian slaw by mixing Asian slaw with Cucumber Wasabi Dressing (KE2204-2).