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KBBQ chicken flatbread
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Grilled naan bread topped with Korean BBQ Sauce, pizza cheese blend, grilled sweet potatoes, cucumber, grilled red onions, smoked bacon, and grilled marinated chicken.

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2 Naan bread, grilled

2 fl oz rebellion barbecue sauce

3 oz Pizza cheese blend

12 slices Sweet potato, grilled

12 slices Cucumber

12 slices Red onion, grilled

1 oz Smoked bacon, thick cut, medium dice

4 oz Korean BBQ marinaded chicken, grilled, diced

1 oz Cilantro leaves, fresh


1.  Place two small grilled naan breads on pizza screen and spread evenly with rebellion barbecue sauce, pizza cheese blend, grilled sweet potatoes, cucumber slices, grilled red onion, smoked bacon and grilled marinated chicken.

2.  Place in a hot pizza oven and cook until cheese is melted and flatbread is fully cooked.

3.  Sprinkle with fresh cilantro leaves.

4.  Remove to serving platter and slice.

rebellion barbecue sauce


1.  Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix. Cover, label, date and refrigerate.