It all began in 2008. After years of cooking for people in the finest restaurants and hotels, Roy wanted to make good food accessible to everyone. Everywhere. So he went back to his neighborhood roots. With his partners, he started up the first Kogi food truck. On the menu: the flavors of Roy’s favorite neighborhoods. “L.A. on a plate.”

Customers on the hunt for the new and mysterious loved Kogi’s Korean-Mexican mash-ups. Eyes were opened, mouths were fed, minds were blown.

“Kogi didn’t fit into the L.A. food scene,” says Choi. “Kogi threw a rock through the window of the L.A. food scene.”

Today, Kogi customers are still obsessed. “Where will the food trucks be next? When?” They have to know. Now!

Because Kogi gives them something they can’t get anywhere else. Good food that isn’t fancy. Made with real, quality ingredients and, yes, insanely good sauces.